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I am celebrating the release of my new book, Photographing Children, the result of two years of labor and love! It has been #1 on Amazon in the category of photographing children since the publishing!

I am so honored to have been asked by photographer Robert Farber to create a book about photographing children with a specific emphasis on creativity and inspiration.  I think it will be a very helpful guide for beginners to professional photographers who want to learn to better reveal their visions of children via photography. My approach is friendly, non-technical and hopefully un-intimidating; the information has been gathered and time-tested over my thirty-year career.  I am very grateful for the contributions of other very talented photographers and peers, particularly technical contributor Allison Tyler Jones.

I hope you will visit my new blog, www.photographingchildren.com, where you can stay up to date with more photographs and tips!  This book will be a perfect gift for new parents, and perhaps a special complement to a new digital camera.  You can purchase the book here.

Last year I celebrated my 30th year creating expressive children's portraits, and portraits of families and other special relationships. I am available within the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Pasadena, Darien, CT and Nantucket
for the commission of portraits.

I encourage you to browse through the photography galleries: Beach, Travel, Flora, Portraits, Restoration, and New Work.

Ginny Felch
Fall, 2008